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iPad apps are nominally priced and are useful for all age groups. While the adults have their share of apps, kids also get to learn a lot of new things using educational apps and games. Some apps even allow them to prepare for competitive exams. Before buying apps, it is advisable to read reviews from the other users about the application. This will let you make a wise decision. With so many apps under different categories like games, entertainment, navigation, social networking, news, productivity and social networking, iPad apps have definitely made life much more interesting Wechat Application. Why is WeChat Better While WhatsApp is definitely the current must-have App for any smartphone, there have been a lot of issues that have dogged the little but powerful App. The biggest one being the 2012 œdiscovery by hackers that it sends messaged as plain text. They have since fixed this but it was a big issue. A lot of issues, some of them petty, still remain and they have been working against its grown. Below are some the current headaches WhatsApp gives it legion of users. 1. Privacy Issues Wechat Application We Chat for PC offers a variety of free services, like text as well as voice messaging. This app allows you to send words messages all over the words to your friends and family. Alternatively, the other person which team you are mailing messages should have WeChat account. This does not seem to be a hindrance as this app is accessible for free. WeChat for PC is among the largest conversation services inside China;it really is one software program, which allows people to use the communication tools efficiently and in one place. It allows users to send texts, videos and pictures to their good friends. However, this isn't all about the benefits of this app, there aren't many more powerful facts about the actual WeChat for PC. It works same like the WhatsApp for PC, however a bit various in its characteristics.